You are My Hands…

You are My hands, you are My feet says the Lord. I direct your path, I direct your steps. You cry unto Me concerning those who are backslidden, those who are many, those who through offences are not in the place that they were in Me.

You cry unto Me “Lord will You do something? Lord bring them back”

You are My hands, you are My feet, I cry out unto you this night, you bring them back. I will lead you, I will direct your path, I will give you My Word, I will give you discernment for those you cry unto Me for.

You are My hands, you are My feet, you are My voice, I will lead you, I will cause you to speak to those backslidden in heart.

You must spend time in My presence, you must have a prepared heart, this comes as you give of yourself, to set apart time to commune with Me. I will, by My Spirit, prepare the way and prepare your heart to be My voice.



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