When I say My peace I give unto you…

When I say My peace I give unto you, My peace is the fullness, the wholeness of who I am. My peace is the fullness of My Will for your lives; My peace is the bountifulness of My mercy, My Grace, My sustenance for your lives.

All that I am, I give unto you in My Covenant of peace, everything for the total being of your life is in My peace, My peace is your strength, and My peace is your healing.

When I say take hold of My peace, I am saying take hold of everything that I am for your life. Take your stand this night, do not let the enemy rob you of the peace that you have in Me, do not give a place to any situation nor circumstance that may array against you to steal the peace that I have given you, Peace that has been bought for the wholeness of your total being.

Arise, take your stand, let nothing, nor no one rob you of My peace in your life.

Everything for your life in Me is in the peace that is in My Grace for your life, again I say unto you take your stand, rest in My peace, My fullness of strength, sustenance, healing, soundness, and My mercy which is to be the provision of My total undertaking in your life and situation.



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