Those who bare My Name…

Those who bare My Name, those who are called by My Name, are to have the same mind and walk in the same Spirit. I have a heart for those who have gone astray, My heart, My will and My desire has been revealed in My Word.

I have shown forth that I am He who searches out, I am the seeker of lives that are lost, those whose lives are undone. I am ever desirous to fall upon the neck, to lift up, to embrace to show forth My mercy and grace to the prodigal.

I am ever desiring to put sandals on their feet, a robe to adorn them and a ring to reconcile them, and to claim them as My own.

There must be in your heart a desire to share My joy of those who have looked to how far they have strayed, yet desire to once more look to their home, to desire to return, and there must be in your heart a desire and a joy to receive them, to embrace them, to fall upon them and rejoice in Me and my delight in the lost coming home.

The prodigal shall see, the prodigal shall come to themselves and shall desire once again the need to be in the house of their Father.

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