There is a voice that cries…

There is a voice that cries in the world, that the days of miracles have passed and are no more, sadly this voice is from My people who are held in unbelief, who are ruled by doubt.

I am the Lord your God, I am He who has declared that there is no variance in Myself, there is no shadow of turning in Me, I have declared, and again I declare unto you I am the Lord, I change not.

I have extended My hand, and I have shown forth My Glory, I have made known My Will into the earth, that I am the Lord God your healer. Therefore when you come unto Me, you must come by faith, you must come unto Me faith believing, not with your doubts, nor unbelief, do not waver in your faith, you must take hold of My Word for your lives.

Know and understand that My hands are outstretched to you, I am He that daily loads My own with My benefits, those who will put their faith and who will trust in My Word.

Know and understand, that none of My own, need ever be in doubt concerning My Will, for My Will has been totally unveiled when My Son walked in this earth He made known that I am Your Father who holds back nothing of My grace, My mercy and provision for your lives.



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