There is a place that I am calling you into…

There is a place that I am calling you into, a place of intimacy in Me. There has to be in you a longing heart’s desire to know Me, to know My heart, to know the fullness of My Desire.

There must come a revelation in your heart, that if you are not going forward in Me, if you are not progressing into the place of being closer into My presence, then you are stayed. You cannot know the depth I desire for you to know if you are going backwards. Do not drawback, do not stay where you are, do not be content in the place you are now for you will lose the desire for intimacy with Me.

There is a place where you feel discontented in your life, you must discern these times, for this is the prompting, the probing of My Spirit touching your spirit with a sense of urgency to move ever onward being drawn, being brought into a depth of My being where you have only ever dreamed of in days past.

You have heard, you have been moved to tears in times past when you have heard of a few lives who have come into a place of deepness of life and experience in Me, you have wondered if it were just possible for the few, not knowing, not discovering that this is the place I desire for My children to enter into the place of deep calling after deep, ever drawing you into Me.

You must discern that the abundance of peace, the fullness of My joy, the fullness of My will made known is in the place of abiding in, and continuously cleaving unto Me. I have said unto you there is a place of abounding joy and life in My presence, you must thirst and hunger for Me, you must ever thirst and hunger after Me, My Son has called you to enter the narrow gate, but has called you also to walk in a narrow way, a place of ever drawing closer, so closer into Me.

Many have gone back, many have broken off the narrow and been led astray walking on a broad path that leads to destruction, My heart is saddened and ever yearns for a walk of intimacy, unbroken, coming to know the fullness of all that is in Me, which I have called you into, to press on, press in, to cleave and cleave again to know My heart for your lives.



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