There are many of you…

There are many of you who believe that when you pray, I am at a distance. I am drawing you into the place where you are into the closeness of the sound of My heartbeat.

I have spoken unto you that there is a place that you are to avail yourselves, a place that I have given unto you, a place of seeking My face. This is the place of prayer.

There are those of you who feel that I have distanced Myself, you feel I have withdrawn My presence from you, I have not withdrawn Myself, I have said I will never leave you.

In times like this, you have to examine yourselves, are you as close into Me as when you have come aside in praying unto Me?

When you pray unto Me, I will not only hear you are praying, but I look, I examine your heart. There are those of you who pray in your secret place; there are those of you who struggle in prayer.

There are moments when you cannot express yourselves in words, and you feel like giving up, do not give up, I examine the heart, I know your thoughts, I see the many tears, the cry of your soul in your concern for your loved ones.

You have a sense of not reaching Me for them; I will have you to know, every word uttered, every tear shed, I have seen, know I am calling you ever closer into Me, know My faithfulness to My Word, I watch over My Word to perform it.



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