There are hearts that are failing…

There are hearts that are failing for fear,as you have said, people are looking for answers, people are desiring for hope, people are looking for a lifting up from despair, but they are looking in the wrong place.

They are listening, but are not listening to My voice, but they are shut up in this world, people are not willing to come My way.

There is a trembling in peoples hearts that I would heal if they were to turn unto Me, to heed My way.

Righteousness must be sought out, and righteousness must be released through those who are the righteousness in Christ. My Glory shall be made manifest, but those who are in Me and are of Me must be the ones who are above the trouble and turmoil of this world and are able to reach out and reach into a people tossed and turned to show the hope to the hopeless, and to show the life and the power of My Word laid bare.



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