I’m Drawing You As My People…

The voice you hear in this ‘live’ audio recording is that of a follower of Jesus Christ, Peter Robins, but the words you hear are that of our Heavenly father.

Peter was born in 1956 but more importantly Born Again and Spirit-filled in 1982. Audio, and written transcript below.

Download: I'm calling you as My people MP3

I’m drawing you as My people; I’m drawing you ever closer into Me, I am calling for you to come before Me and come and follow after Me, for there are paths that I have chosen for you in which I am directing your path, and that path is the pathway into My Glory.

My desire in speaking unto you is to woo you, is to call you on, is to bring you further into Me, for I desire with an earnestness that you shall experience My very presence walking in your midst.

I have spoken to you in time past, I have laid the principle in My Word, Will you come and walk-in ankle-deep? Will you walk and come further into Me, to your knees? Will you have a desire to continue walking up to your loins? But there is a place I am calling you to go even further, and that is in the very midst where your feet are no longer touching this ground, there is nothing on this earth that will hold you down, but you will know how to soar in My Spirit.

You will know how it is when men and women of old had been caught up in My anointing, that they had no consciousness of any earthly things, but they had been caught up in the heavenlies, this was not for the ones or the two’s, this was not just for those in the past.

You must realise that My will and plans for you as a people is to embrace My Glory, My desire for you is to take you deeper and take you deeper again that you will know the real sense of My calling.

I am laying a challenge down before your hearts and your lives, and that challenge is will you come, and will you draw deeper into Me? For I’m calling you to come into that place where you will know the very touch of My hand upon your life, and you will even come to that place where you will feel My heartbeat, and you will even come to that place where you will experience the breadth of My being, being poured into you.

You must know the longing of My heart is to take you deeper and to cause you to climb higher in My Spirit, and I say unto you this night there are no limits to what you can do if your life is hid in Me, I can take you to depths, I can take you to heights, I can take you to widths and I can take you and bring you into a place of dominion where you will know its My presence and that it’s My anointing that is working through you, and I say unto you tonight do not put any limitations on Me.

Do not place anything in My path that you think is too hard for Me, for I will say there is nothing impossible with Me, and you will know that if you walk in the path that I have chosen for you, you will know the truth there is nothing impossible for you if you will believe and act upon My word, My word must be the anchor of your life, My word must be the firm foundation that you must stand on and I say unto you tonight I am the Lord God who is going to take you on and you will know the presence of My very presence in your midst, and you will know, and you shall experience walking in My Glory says the Lord.

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