I am desirous for a people…

I am desirous for a people who will lay down, lay aside, put away your plans and your idea’s of how you think I desire to move in your lives and in this place. I’m desirous for a people who will not go by human effort, nor human wisdom, but will earnestly seek My anointing and receive and walk in My wisdom.

I have desired to move and make My presence and power known, I have desired to stretch out My hand only for people to cut it short by failing to heed My will, for not trusting wholly in My word.

My will, My purposes, were not received for you drew back, you put limits on what I said I would bring among you. My people in times past put limits on Myself that prevented My purposes to be wrought, I have a will to be wrought, this will must be in your hearts and in your lives, do not place any limitations on My Spirit.

I’m calling out to you to put your whole lives unto My will, put your whole lives into My hand, draw nearer into Me, do not draw back, I’m calling for your surrender of how you think I can move in you, allow My Spirit to be your spirit, allow My wisdom to be your wisdom, trust wholly unto My purposes for your lives.



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