For thus says The Lord…

For thus says the Lord, I dwell in the high, in the lofty place, and dwell with them that are of a humble and a contrite spirit.

I seek, I desire that My people will be of a humble heart, and have a servant mind in doing My Will. There have been men who have been of a humble beginning, who have desired to do My Will, they have had a servant heart, a serving spirit, but they have taken the place of being masters.

They have received the acclaim of men, they have received the applause of My people, and they have been lifted up in their eyes and desired to be followed.

I say unto you; humility must again be the heart attitude of those who are to do My Will in the earth.

For My Will is given, yes!, My Ways are to be wrought with this thought in the spirit and lived in life, My Son walked ever conscious and stated: ” I can of Myself do nothing, My Will is to do the Will of My Father who sent Me”.

My desire is that you stay under My hand, that you continue to have a spirit of servitude, ever seeking My heart, ever seeking to please Me, as you lean on, trust in My Way, you will continue to follow after My Son, Who lived only to please Me, to delight to do My Will.



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