As I said unto Peter, I say unto you…

As I said unto Peter, I say unto you, the enemy of your soul desires to sift you, all of the testing, the trials that beset you, are challenges to your faith and of your trust in Me. All of the roarings of the enemy of your soul is to take you and cause you to draw away from My Word.

As like with Peter, when he said “Lord bid me come unto You”, I said “Come” I gave him My Word, and he walked on the water, he did that which could not be done in the mind of men. This is why I challenge you to have and to conceive the Mind of God.

The sound of the wind, the tossing of the waves caused Peter to lose his sight of Me, caused him to fall to the turmoil, instead of reliance, faith, and trust in My Word.

The enemy of your soul calls out to you with vexation where is the promise of your God? all of the turmoil around you is to cause you to draw back, but there is the  voice of My Spirit that whispers unto you, “This is not the time to draw back, but to draw closer and deeper into the Rock of your Salvation”.

I have said to you on many occasions, stand you still, and see the Glory of your God, do His Will, and His purpose in your life, this is not the time to doubt, this is the time to put your faith and confidence in the Lord your God, for have not I said “With God all things are possible to those who will believe, who will trust in My Word”



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