As I moved in times past…

“As I moved in times past, My presence was seen in the midst of a people whose hearts and whose lives were of a humble spirit.”

“My presence, My glory will never be seen in, nor upon those who trust in their own might, in their own strength or power. My Spirit will come and abide upon a people who know in themselves a humble mind and a life that yearns for Me.”

“I have said, as I moved in times past so I desire to move, to pour Myself into lives, into vessels of clay who are empty of self, empty of pride, empty of self-worth, empty of their own strength of their flesh, and void of the merit of their own hands.”

“There have been false movements, that man has testified ” It is of the Lord, the Lord is here” but it was not of Me, I was not there, I was not moving!…”

“For I will not glory in the work of flesh, I have said a contrite spirit; a humble heart is where I will make My abode, for I change not!..”

“Do not look to strengths, of callings, nor of gifting’s, look not to the stirrings of emotions wrought by the hand of flesh, but look unto Me, cleave unto Me, draw unto Me, throw away all things of the works of flesh that you think will draw My presence, for My presence shall be where humility is, where brokenness is, where there is hungering after Me.”



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